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Your Low Back 

Of all the maladies Iím presented with, low back pain stands as the most debilitating and painful of all. 90% of presenting patients that come to see me have the same problem, the Ilium stuck in a flexed position and the corresponding L5 vertebra rotated to that side of pelvic flexion.

Simply stated, low back pain is the most common reason people seek Chiropractic care. Your pelvis, known anatomically as the pelvic girdle, is surrounded by some of the largest muscle groups in the body. Accompanied by some of the largest nerves in the body.

Youíre sciatic nerve, with roots from your third lumbar vertebra to the second sacral segment, innervates most of your legs, and all of your feet is roughly the size of your out-stretched pinky finger (really big).

The pelvis is truly an amazing, and powerful structure. Designed to carry the entire body toward whatever challenge presents itself, the pelvis is ready. One foot forward, one foot back, you move forward in life. Whether youíre writing on a chalk board, aiming your rifle, or reaching toward your loved ones, the pelvis is truly the anchor from which you physically approach the world.

Enter the problem. There are many sources. Bending wrong while turned toward one side or the other, lifting extremely heavy objects, carrying an infant on one hip for several months, jumping out of the pickup box onto one foot, you name it! The pain can be powerful! Sometimes you canít even find a comfortable position.

At this point the Ilium is typically pulled into a flexed position. The L5 vertebra is rotated toward the side of flexation, and the result is frequently described as having a knife stabbing you right there above your beltline! The paraspinal muscle groups on both side of the affected vertebra begin to pull against each other. Confused, the muscles continue to pull, causing them to traction and pull against the nerve structures. A direct attack on the sciatic nerve! The recipe is pain! Often radiating pain down the affected leg!

At this point most people reach out to the local emergency room. The typical recommendation is Muscle relaxing drugs, and physical therapy. The drugs usually reduce the swelling, the physical therapy typically returns the patient to a less painful state, and returns most of their range of motion. As long as they remain calm and donít re-stress anything the patient generally begins to recover within a week or two. Or do they?

One of the problems with this course of treatment is that most often the underlying pelvic and vertebral structures remain in their incorrect positions. The muscles relax and the stretching relieves the acute pain but the problem, the flexed Ilium and rotated vertebra are never adjusted back into their proper position and the injury usually returns again and again throughout the persons life until the structures finally fail requiring surgical intervention.

Dr. Bittner is well trained to re-adjust the vertebra in your low back and pelvis to their correct position. Our typical care plans usually allow your body to heal itself, often leading to a complete resolution of the problem, without drugs or surgery.

Schedule an appointment with Able Chiropractic today. We are your allies in the future of your health, and your health care. Be well!

Dr. B

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